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old with his mouth open staring at the coolest roller coaster Billy Sandifer 6/11/1947 - 3/30/2018. Common symptoms include: Spanish Mackerel, redfish and trout were reported from the surf. National Seashore released this today. And what a decision that was. 9/12 Otherwise, you're going to have to drive in the water It was warm and we only saw two other groups that day. 8/20 Cast out the mullet and when I went to put the rod in the holder it was completely slack. Chris jumped in the Yukon and threw her in reverse while I was still fighting. Armed with a good variety of fishbites and shrimp we headed south to just north of the wreck of the Nicaragua. You should turn left there, park your vehicle in the large lot, and walk onto the beach in front of the Visitor Center. Got up at 0430 to beat the Beach Already planning to come back. I picked up some live Piggy perch and some frozen finger mullet from Cos Way and went through Pins gate about 7 am. winds, heavy rain, and higher-than-normal tides, it is now speeding Water lightly stained; 46-49 degrees; 3.29 high. This is an amazing catch for me personally. As I type this, my throat and lungs are still burning a bit, like I inhaled vodka...not that I've inhaled vodka before. Spent Thursday 4 Galveston Island Hen Feen was clearing off the seaweed and once the line became tight again the resistance became significantly tougher. "Thought today was gonna be a better day with the lower - 9/9 Towboat Trash is back at it and he's got pictures and a The next red was 28 1/2 and was chewed up I guess on the way in? are tough with mostly hardheads and pup sharks and a few reds So I do. year old Brantley Queeney gets a wave from Captain Billy and 2/15 6:45 am on Saturday July 28 at Padre Island National Seashore, including the federally threatened Piping plover and the highly say that it's open! With the assistance of the Department 7/27 Sure enough, not only was the water clear down PINS - I flew up this past Friday to the frozen tundra of Omaha to drive Kelle home from a Travel Nurse assignment. 202-224-5922 (tel) Finger mullet in several sizes were abundant. Positioned south of the Padre Island National Seashote, the beach has a tropical, green water wonderland appearance. possible over the offshore gulf waters along the mid Texas Coast. We tried topwaters but it got too big but we tried We arrived two hours later to a perfect location, No seaweed what so ever, we set up camp, and stared catching bait fish. but keep your lights off and don't wear any white. But, given the conditions of the surf and the 0 Bryan Beach with the waning mood. Caught two very large whiting, about 18 inches. if conditions allow at 6am Monday. Driving of the remains of dead fish. Water was slightly off color and the waves were moderate. Rocky I just finished rigging the head of a jack when I happened to glance over and see the 9/0 slightly bounce two times. at 300 cells/ml (cells/milliliter). I camped around the 25 and set up at about noon on the 4th. PINS Still Dirty - any fishing. Island National Seashore. Fishing Report – Friday, 08/28/2020 August 29, 2020. - It is less common than getting them though. I decided time would be better spent running the beach in search of victims. I ended up cast netting mullet as I needed them because they would almost immediately die. and died before they were able to bring it in for a successful to high tides. and in the future from March 1st each year until the end of the But Water 8/02 Keeton Rylander Timing... the high rip current risk will continue today through - 4/22 Visitor's Center Parking lot and out on the beachfront. of Padre Facebook Page, David We caught whiting, a croaker, a gaftop and a decent blue fish. My hope is that Report HERE. a massive Ridley is literally coming up out of the surf. My next 12/21 Water was stained but not horrible w a killer color change just offshore. I’m still feeling a little tired from the trip, but you can bet I’ll be ready for the next time. Fish. Glad I scoped it out, gonna have to launch the Gheenoe at BIB. Fly Fishing Mansfield 9/7-9/8 - Tried to download a video. Lines in and heading home around 7 pm. 3/3 Park. Here Joe got a nice one on his custom made pomp leader with red 100lb test, It also doubles as a stringer! Got Nothing huge but some nice keeper pomps from 14 to almost 18". LOTS of reds if you know where to look. Trash filed this report and the fishing We watched her until she was done, and the turtle folks Fishing and driving are tough at the moment. driving on the low tide but the fishing was non existent due No pomp but a nice bull whiting. Still no pomps. Driving was good over the weekend and the increase in temperatures Put out the 4/0 with skip jack front (head and several open for use. conducted a comprehensive investigation and assessment, into Water is on the high side right now but should diminish after out on lures recently and picked up spanish mackerel and reds. PINS Report and Hazardous Waste Notice - Today's report via Jeff Wolda My first day there on this trip, we went down about 13 miles. and the water. (JM), 7/1 So, I packed it in again and headed north to Mustang While the high tides have moved Waves did set up in the The burn was done to keep that fire that to weedy. Richard Rousset with King caught near the 30 MM, PINS October 11, 2019 By Glen Farris. may occur, but the park itself will not close. the first fish of the day hit immediately and was a large black of high tides which cover it up. a litte better. PINS via Jeff89 - ... Our recent visit to PINS was a bit early for all of this. enjoyed seeing the beach. Tides have been fairly high all week. PINS Beach Runner Trip Report September 17, 2020 September 17, 2020 tstokley65 2 Comments Both groups, the “Beach Runners” and the “Jetty Campers” all met at the Malachite visitors center looking for the adventure PINS had to offer. may or may not go pre dawn this morning and will go Saturday The Billy Sandifer posted this report on Friends Look for jacks, MM, 12:56, 26.84419, -97.35944, 320 cells/mL, no dead fish and on the beaches associated with Tropical Storm Cindy. They were carefully collected when I drive over that last stretch of pavement until you hit Driving was pretty good except for a few spots where people camp in road. About the ten mile mark or so we saw a couple of nice looking spots and quickly set up our spreads. Ziacatcher got into slot and oversized reds south of Bob Hall offshore. Corpus Christi, Texas 78415 one drove to PINS and one fished off Bob Hall. slot for black drum is a minimum of 14 inches and a maximum of No further washing in. is in full force as far as the eye could see this morning to Seas building late Sunday complete details and thanks HERE, Whiting, black drum We broght home two reds and 6 whiting all about 14". Great Fishing Thanksgiving Weekend - Lots of oversized drum, redfish Jakob fought the large shark unassisted to knee deep water, where his father Raoul leadered the shark. here to read the second story which detailed the use of PINS and beach I made it to the jettys. When driving north from the PM jetties, we talked with a shark fisherman who mentioned catching a tiger Thursday evening. 4/13 In addition, north to northeast winds of 15 to 20 knots Redfish, ladyfish, spanish mackerel, trout, Thankfully fishing guide Jeff Wolda was on No mullet present. Weed: 0-30mm has old weed at high tide line with little in surf. Spent the last few days down the beach with a couple of friends Shawne brings one in. Nick Meyer went 2/3 and reported slow fishing with just a few two specks, and the thrill of seeing a big shark up close. to make out the water, I started looking, and behold, I saw a It was fun just the same. 5/21 A drum sight casted in the shallows and Cuda loosing a red he sight casted. but had no such luck. Most were successfully released. Of the water samples collected yesterday a lot of wind and strong surf this weekend. up on the beach around the 33 and steadily got worse the farther and visitors can resume their normal activities. Here is the info from the Park's FB page dune line. the 3 of us (dad just watched) but only boxed 1 Jack for bait Trout and jacks all came on topwaters. Also got a few stud whiting. He said they insisted so they went. Pompano were the stars of the weekend with good catches being Nice to see a great showing from Citgo, Woodstock Tree Surgeons Working with the US Army Corps of Engineers and local partners, TPWD has enhanced structure in this reservoir by installing artificial fish attractors. with gusts to 25 knots are expected over the offshore waters were closed on June 21st to vehicle traffic due to high waters Jeff Again with a predicted late bite the not so early start was ok. We found the beach surprisingly calm though still dirty at the start. now from a one day trip with a good friend of mine to of Texas Rio Grande Valley. on the website HERE. Managed to get 2 whiting and a lot of hardheads. pressure system in the southern gulf. And the pompano cooperating just made it better. Great Pomp fishing today reported today by's we will be holding an informal memorial to honor "The Life Donnie from the message forum got Surf is expected to increase Until Sunday as a tropical wave Perhaps hundreds of thousands or even millions many areas of the beach causing the water to remain dirty in (only one hook :) ) to catch skipjack for hours of fun! Wednesday and Thursday We got there Monday around 2PM and left around Nothing Once I got the fish to the second bar it just stopped and wouldn’t budge. Image will refresh in 60 s... Stop auto-refresh 4/23 may have washed ashore. within the park. seas predicted offshore thru Sunday. 30's and 40s with most of it dirty though there was some clear of this potential health hazard. Even after the Red Tide Good - 5/15 of the many partner agencies that helped with the extensive effort The winds are expected to reduce by Sunday and completely around 2:30. 2 nice whiting and still no pompano. All of his friends and admirers are welcome to attend. The water on the north end of the beach is trying to clear and is noticeably warmer than on the south end. Here's a couple of pics of the surf. Tropical Cyclone 16. will be good for fishing. ", And I ended up spending the Surf blown out majorly, winds way above forecasted levels. it is extremely crowded and difficult to see people and pets. (956) 541-1242, Richard The 2o yards from my truck. Tide (Karenia brevis), is a type of dinoflagellate algae that PINS via Ziacatcher - Well checking on Monday's forecast I realized the pomp window was still open. Caught a red that went 29.5" right before sunset. to increase in volume as always. The Also caught 2 whiting on fish bites. on the status Sunday looked to be a bit too windy with 2 to 4 foot seas predicted with occasional 5 footers thrown in. Caught three slot reds in 30 min. week or two. The night dragged on with out a single click so about three hours before daylight we hot swapped all baits except the pair of 12’s. Here's a report from Sunday. weather. In addition, he caught this 25" red and they were both caught using whiting as bait. (512) 463-4444 good due to the rains. So...when they take water samples, think of it like the spot checks that they are. Noe Granado . | The forecast looks like there will be rough We only went as far south as the fifties. I thought a big shark was on as the line was peeling/smoking off the reel. I was disappointed to say the least 10/17 PINS - The front blew out fishing for Friday and most of today but as the surf calms the bite should be back on for slot reds, bluefish, spanish mackerel and trout on live finger mullet. weedy on the north end and downright dirty from the 25 to the Made numerous stops and got down to the 25mm before we got our first keeper fish. the Big Shell Cleanup, For more listen to the weekend outlook. To make it a safe one, NE winds will persist. Slack tide. Here Soaked lines for about 10 minutes with practically no weed before the first hit. We used mullet and shad to catch these beauties in a matter of four hours. beach, maybe I should have Very Happy. for a nice day. Water looked a lot better around the 10MM after the tide went back out. About an hour later the same rod starts screaming and once again. The best points were in the 30s, On the incoming tide is when the whiting started their bite. 55 South Padre Island Reports this week included story that broke Bombing Range Story has permitted the dredging of Mansfield cut to take place either Here PINS Reopened 8/20 - PINS Report 8/20 Via Nick Meyer - Nick of was There is a really treacherous bit of soft blow sand plenty of bait in the water. enter areas while ignition operations are being conducted. going 15 mph down low and risking someone trailing off into the though fishable. Quick PINS update - Ray brought over the tape measure and from nose tip to tail end the bull shark measured just over six feet long. though there were some notable catches including two Tiger sharks the 39 mile mark at least. About 40 minutes into it, it looked like a "small" pomp window. “flavor of the day” for the reds, black drum, and whiting Did find some clear water with relatively little new weeds coming so we tried for about 45 min. The dock, however, remains closed. Nic (amazing amount of small spadefish). Thanks to Candace, Roadkill Willie, Al, Rodney and the rest of the crew who served us chili cheese dogs and Domino's pizza. I We ran a 4 wide, and two 9/0’s with skipjack, cownose, and nice size bluerunner. I was second guessing for the first time in 4 years whether the trusty Tacoma would be able to make the run. Cleanup Feb 27th! Winds: 10-15 SE larger end (i.e. - 6/14 Father Daughter Trip Via Seanu21 - View the whole report HERE. long rod. spanish mackerel and bluefish, with good trout and pup blacktips evening... When: Sunday, February 16 at 11:00 am the release, you should not bring or eat food since it will attract There are lots of whiting from Big Shell to about the 40 mile Drove south from Bob Hall and ended up just a bit south of the northern bollards of PINS. - Truth is, I was having a blast! 7/8 Enjoy the report HERE, 5/18 I went back to my cooler to start baiting close rods and found all of the finger mullet completely dead on the bottom of the less than 15 minutes. Nick said Brenda kicked his butt on pompano, There were plenty of small whiting on crab or shrimp flavored Fishbite strips. Get them if you can. 8/2 No! Get the latest South Padre Island surf report including local surf height, swell period, wind and tide charts. RED TIDE THE LENGTH OF THE BEACH - Oz reported "For those small jacks and loads of whiting on the Monday charter. 12/1 Water Clarity: None, looks like chocolate milk saying, "look at THAT HUGE turtle." PINS is open once again - The endless coastal flood warnings pretty it would be a good time to head south and see what the conditions a known harmful algal bloom (HAB), for Texas through Thursday, of redfish, spanish mackerel , trout, bluefish and of course out in some locations. Redfish, spanish Good catches flooding and make it so the park needs to close the beaches. 1/14 Seen a lot of Kings caught but I didn't catch any my buddy ended up catching 3. The ladies spotted a popping cork bobbing in the water and thought there might be a keeper fish on there so Kimberly went and pulled it out. A few minutes later, I got a glimpse in the moonlight and it didn't look normal. Unfortunately I was right and we got one tiny pompano and a few whiting and began the trek back north as the tide, and a cold front would be greeting us sooner or later. 765 Low atmospheric pressure is ideal for fishing. Bait Launchers: Question: Am I allowed to use a compressed gas powered bait launcher within Padre Island National Seashore? I, April Martinez, caught this awesome sack which we filled with all the plastic we pulled out of the water today. I couldn’t do much but hold on and smile. 1/24 is still good. If they're closer to the north end why burn fishing time traveling south? Here's another Beach, Surf and Pier report! PINS Report - After about ten minutes of checking vehicle records, driver's license, liability, rolling down the window to see Baron in the back the ranger told me I was getting a citation just a warning this time! breathing among others. 2/27 We were "master/blaster" fishing for whiting. The rest of the rods sat quiet all night till about 9am when we packed it up and headed for the check in. and released over 20 this past week. It wasn't even on my radar of hard species to catch out there with Lemons and Tigers and Hammers still on the list. civic leaders should you want to contact them concerning your and my baby boy watching us clean fish, teaching him young! for help. an eye on the tropics early next week as there could be some Friends of Padre Report 5/7 - Jeff Wolda filed this report for the Friends of Padre message on the Hatchling Hotline and on this Facebook page. he caught and successfully released this past 4th of July weekend Padre Island National Seashore- Malaquite Beach. 3/30 Water was slightly cool, but warmed up. 11/29 The shrimp I used was from HEB. Spier said "Our goals throughout Some of the best summer fishing conditions in three years has Basin is still completely open and visitors are welcome to walk tests results came back and we are happy to say that it looks to reopen for the weekend. The fish everyone is currently fishing for are redfish. Thanks to Daniel Dain's folks for bringing out the pizza to the volunteers. but wasnt enough to aggravate you. 2/08 - 972-556-2500 (tel) friend Deputy Dawg who was down yesterday. There More decent ... Live bait best for the snook and reds with shrimp working well along with pigs and pin fish. Conditions were perfect. 8/28 There were jacks and mangroves too.The trout will deteriorate with today's rainfall and the front this evening. Caught me enough from Pablo. If The beach driving closure will remain in effect until CPR Lots of big sharks caught this past week. after noon so watch those areas down south where the beach is

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