The Work Package 1 “PORTS International Network” aims to build a large transnational network including public and private stakeholders in the field of maritime transportation within the project area and, with a particular focus on operators of the Taranto, Durres and Kotor ports.

Memorandum of understanding

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Memorandum of Understanding


The “PORTS “project aims at strengthening the Apulian sea links with Montenegrin and Albanian coasts to assist the socio-economic growth of the two main coastal area cross-border systems. Joint actions will be encouraged to develop new sustainable solutions for maritime transport and develop sustainable mobility networks to improve internal links of tourist transport and pleasure cruise and integrated transport will be strengthened (passenger and freight) between both Ionian and Adriatic Sea, to boost sustainable development and full inclusion of areas characterized by complex accessi- bility.
The “PORTS” project intends to study the impact of new routes between Apulian, Montenegrin and Albanian coasts, particularly between the ports of Taranto, Kotor and Durres, and to analyze their socio-economic impact.
It also aims to increase cross-border dialogue and ultimately accessibility by
• creating a large international network including all the relevant stakeholders in the area (POR- TS INTERNATIONAL NETWORK);
• creating an international research laboratory (PORTS LAB) to study new forms of integrated transport RO/PAX and new cruiser lines between the ports of Taranto, Kotor and Durres and to analyze data with a mathematical provisional transport model;
• organizing international round tables in order to discuss main findings of the research
• sharing good practices and training professional within the industry.
Main target of these actions are public authorities managing transport of passengers and freight and economic operators along the spine of the eastern Balkans. Through these actions and by using this approach the Sides expect to:
• Increase the number of contacts among public and private stakeholders in program areas, study the market area and ultimately promote a sea link connecting Taranto, Albania and Montenegro;
• Develop new and global visions for connecting the Area;
• Produce documents and material publicly available that will support this vision. The international approach is a prerequisite for achieving the indicated results.

The main specific objectives of the project are the following:
• Increase coordination among relevant stakeholders to promote sustainable cross border con- nections in the cooperation area
• Strengthening sea connections and enabling more sustainable forms of mobility based on the concept of intermodality
• Enhancing business partnerships between territorial systems through promotion and territorial marketing, increasing coordination among relevant stakeholders to promote sustainable con- nections
• Developing new and global visions for cross border accessibility among Apulia Region, Albania and Montenegro, promoting economic competitiveness within the areas, with a view to boost the connection among public authorities. In the framework of the project, the social and econo- mic impact of enlargement of the existing sea routes will be analyzed and round tables will be organized to bring together policy makers and private companies interested in the expansion of new routes
The Sides will facilitate and enhance the cooperation on policy matters regarding on increasing coordination among relevant stakeholders to promote sustainable cross border connections in the cooperation area”.
The sides will pursue this objective within their respective fields of competence taking in to account the national legislation as well as the International Conventions in force.
The cooperation referred to article 1, of this MoU comprises, inter alia the following aspects:
Encouragement and facilitation of cooperation and exchange of information between port administration, organizations and other interested bodies of countries area, in the fields of transport operations, logistic and infrastructure. Facilitation of access of maritime transport and promotion of intermodality.

The sides will cooperate on issues of mutual interest in order to support their position in identifying and developing the MoS in the area. The sides will cooperate for the improvement of transport infra- structure and facilities as well as maritime service in the area. Also, encouragement and facilities of sharing experience/best practices between the ports in the Adriatic-Ionian region.
All sides should identify the stakeholders and target groups in their own country, involve them in the project dissemination activities, keep them updated about the project outputs and results and promote fruitful and effective relations. The sides will cooperate for the improvement of transport infrastructure and facilities as well as the maritime services in the Programme Area.
All the Signatories agree to support the “PORTS” partners in their project implementation activities, accept to give visibility to the project and disseminate its results by means of their network. The si- gnatories undertake to:
• participate with institutional representatives in PORTS public events, round tables, meetings, according to the project.
• promote through ways and means available all aims and activities of the project.
• seek the best ways to perform and keep up the project activities over time.
All interested actors who will sign the Memorandum of Understanding have no obligation or finan- cial commitment during the PORTS project being. All their activity in this project is based on their will and interest, as well as full cooperation with all engaged partners.

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